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Our vision

BTR’s vision is to be pioneers in developing a new sort of work path. A path that promotes care, kindness and that values all different types of capital. 

One of BTR’s main roles is to help other companies sustain and grow their economy.

BTR continuously work hard to maintain and develop the best conditions for its employees.

As we all know, our planet is in a state of emergency when it comes to global warming and the environmental effect our modern day society has on it. Therefore, we at BTR work hard to take responsibility to make sure we operate our business in a sustainable matter. 

As a part of society, we at BTR recognize the importance to give back. Hence, we actively work with different kinds of organizations and charities to help better our society.

This is where we reside. In colorful and inspiring surroundings.

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More digitalized
– more personal

Digitalized accounting, payroll and HR services are complemented with a humane and personal touch. We have experienced employees that are quick to evaluate your companies needs and situation in order to help you get the best possible assistance. Our employees continuously taking courses and classes in order to evolve and stay up-to-date so we can give you informed advice. So your work-life becomes a little bit easier. 

Let us work together!