Our Customers

A wide range of domestic and international customers

BTR currently has around 400 customers of different sizes within different fields. A large number of our customers are international. We work with smaller to mid-size businesses as well as listed companies and organizations. 

We also assist many of our customers with interim services within the finance field alongside payroll and HR.

Some of our customers

What our customers and partner says

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“ I have been working with BTR for 10 years and have enjoyed an excellent business relationship over that time. I always found them to be the perfect  partner – service minded, efficient and professional” 

Paul Stanley

Out Man in Scandinavia

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"At Esko, we have been working with BTR for many years and have always been very satisfied with their level of service. Our payrolls run correctly every month and whenever we have additional questions, we are provided with help in a very timely and friendly manner.  Knowing we can count on proactive professional advice, makes working with BTR on a monthly basis very comfortable.”

Isabelle De Milde


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"We’ll be happy to tell whenever contacted that we have an excellent working relationship."

Petros Machlis


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"It is exhiting how BTR combines the idea of providing professional services to their clients with the highly visionary models of sustainability in how they run their business."

Camilla Eltell

Consultant Design & Process

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