Corporate Services


Directorship service

In the Nordics, a legal entity carries the requirement for at least one director with citizenship within the EES area. When you incorporate a legal entity, you may not be in a position to appoint an EES area resident director: however, BTR will be able to meet this requirement on a nominee/outsourced basis.

Process Agent service

In Sweden, a legal entity without any Swedish citizen on the board will require a to apply a Swedish citizen as Process Agent to which formal notifications, legal, tax and other documentation must be sent.

This can be a challenge when you have no physical footprint in Sweden. BTR will be able to meet this requirements on a nominee/outsourced basis.


BTR is able to manage and maintain a local registered
office address for your overseas legal entities.

Client Trust Bank Account

Implementing and managing processes for the making of payments for foreign operations can be challenging, costly and risky. BTR can facilitate domestic payments on your behalf through a Client Trust Bank Account.

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